Annual General Meeting Minutes 2012

Rockingham CCC
Minutes of AGM held 19th November 2012 @ Birdwell Club

Eric Shore-President
Clive Shore-Chairman
David Hudson-Secretary
Gordon Jacobs-Treasurer

Messrs, M Wilkinson, R Skipworth, P Jackson, C Bailey, A Shore, A Mellor, D Smith, N Armitage, S Grindle, M Haywood, N Cox, M Cox.

J Doran, S Phillis, J Harris, M Hewitt, A Lockwood

The previous meeting minutes were held to be a true and accurate record of meet, minutes were signed by Clive Shore ( Chairman )

Graham Cooke unfortunately passed away during the past 12 months

Chairman’s Report
The Chairman reported that the season had been severely hampered by the bad weather and both senior and junior performances had been affected. The 1st team had been hampered by several players leaving prior to and during the season, which had a knock on effect to the 2nd team. The 1st team finished a creditable 5th in the league and unfortunately the 2nd were relegated by 1 point.

The Chairman thanked all Volunteers who had given their time to help run the club throughout 2012

The chairman thanked M Wilkinson and D Smith for their efforts with 1st and 2nd team respectively.

The Chairman thanked R Skipworth for his work in achieving a successful funding for the Covers.

Treasures Report

The treasurer handed out copies of the balance sheet and went through the various items of Income and Expenditure. Total turnover for the year had increased to £21089.84 largely due to grant funding. On the face of this represents a working deficit of £649.44

Total Club Funds carried forward £1688.10

The treasurer reported that the club had carried over £623 contribution to the artificial wicket, which made up most of the deficit.

The treasurer highlighted areas of income had increased significantly, mainly junior section, sponsorship and fundraising and highlighted that Expenditure on Ground Maintenance, Groundsman wages and Wicket maintenance and risen significantly.

The treasurer reported that taken as a whole this was a successful financial year and thanked everyone for their efforts. The bad weather had affected the club hard financially over the season and the accounts would have looked signicantly better if more games had been played.

Election of Officials

President: E Shore
Chairman: C Shore
Secretary: D Hudson
Minutes Secretary: M Wilkinson
Junior Co-Ordinator: P Jackson
Child Welfare Officer: J Harris

SYCL Representatives: D Hudson, P Jackson, C Shore

General Committee: C Shore, E Shore, M Wilkinson, D Smith, R Skipworth, P Jackson, C Bailey, A Shore, D Hudson, J Doran, J Harris, G Jacobs, Mrs M Cox

Junior Committee: P Jackson, M Wilkinson, R Skipworth, S Grindle, M Haywood, G Roberts, Mrs D Roberts, N Cox, Mrs K Stones, Mrs T Whiteley, Mrs A Broughton

Fundraising/Social Committee: R Skipworth, J Doran, D Hudson

Selection Committee: C Shore, Senior Captains and Vice Captains.

First Team Captain: M Wilkinson

2nd Team Captain: D smith

Life Members: R Skipworth and P Jackson were awarded life membership.

Additional Vice President – Michael Duggar MP to be approached.

Annual Subscriptions

Every Adult (Over 18) playing member has to have 100 Club Number. Membership fees due by 30th April. Overdue fees increase by £10 per calendar month

Senior players: £30 (£82 without 100 club standing order) plus compulsory playing shirt donation.

Student/Unemployed £20 plus compulsory playing shirt donation.

Junior Subs £30 for U11s, U13s and U15’s
£20 for U9s

Annual subs to include playing shirt

Match Fees First X1 £10
2nd X1 £8
Junior/Student/Unemployed £5

Juniors Fees £2 Training Session
£2 Match Fee

The performance related reward scheme introduced for 2012 would continue into the 2013 season.

Away Teas £40 per team

Any Other Business – None

Meeting Closed 8.30pm