Annual General Meeting Minutes 2018

Rockingham Colliery Cricket Club

Minutes of AGM Held 12th November 2018 @ Hoyland Common WMC.


Eric Shore – President

Clive Shore – Chairman

Gordon Jacobs – Treasurer

Andrew Baker – Secretary

Messrs, R Skipworth, J Ambler, N Cox, M Cox, A Cox, J Robinson, B Robinson, J Harris, A Lockwood, S Peet,

M Hewitt, D Smith, D Hudson, H Grindle, S Grindle, P Jackson, S Taylor, G Whitehouse

Apologies:-  Matthew Cox

Meeting Opened 7:06pm

The previous meeting minutes were held to be a true and accurate record of meet, minutes were signed by Clive Shore (Chairman)


None at this current time.

Chairman’s Report:

  • The Chairman reported that from a senior playing point of view the season had been good with the first team staying in the championship and thanked Andy Baker for his work in what has been a difficult season as he was without his overseas player for half the season. The second team had finished mid- table and if they had won the four or five close games they could have been promoted. The chairman thanked Andy Mellor for his efforts this season. The Chairman thank Richard Skipworth for all his efforts with the third team and said how good it was to see so many of our juniors now playing senior cricket and that we have a pathway for them into senior cricket.
  • Juniors have had another great season and are all showing improvement throughout the season. This is the highest number of juniors we’ve ever had at Rockingham and seeing them al play and contributing is fantastic. The Chairman was happy to see that the girls team was going from strength to strength with more girls joining the club throughout the season. The Chairman has congratulated at the players that have played representative cricket throughout the season. The Chairman expressed thanks Paul Jackson, Gary Whitehouse and to all the coaches and team managers involved with the juniors.
  • The Chairman wished to record the clubs gratitude to the Tea Ladies and ground staff for all their hard work throughout 2018.
  • The Chairman thanked all Volunteers who had given their time to help run the club throughout 2018, around the whole club and for the help on the ground as without these helpers and people giving up their own time the club wouldn’t be what it is.

Treasurers Report:-

The treasurer handed out copies of the balance sheet and went through the various items of Income and Expenditure. The treasurer announced the accounts are now from 1 November 2017 to 31st October 2018 and no outstanding figures are carried over.

Total Club Funds carried forward £3,951, however, money from the senior presentation night was still to be taken off this.

The treasurer highlighted areas of income had increased significantly, mainly Grants, Sponsorship, Holiday Camps, Fundraising, Tuck Shops and 100 Club.

The treasurer reported that taken as a whole this was the most successful financial year and thanked everyone for their efforts especially the fundraisers.

The Treasurer opened the floor to questions, however, none were arising.

The Chairman thanked Gordon Jacobs for his efforts for the year.

Election of Officials

President:                                 Eric Shore

Chairman:                                 Clive Shore

Vice Chairman:                            Richard Skipworth

Secretary:                                 Andrew Baker

Treasurer:                                  Gordon Jacobs

Senior Cricket Manager:             Richard Skipworth

Junior Chairman:                         Paul Jackson

Junior Co-ordinator:                    Gary Whitehouse

Fundraising Co-Ordinator:           Richard Skipworth

Child Welfare Officer:                  Julian Harris

SYCL Reps                               Clive Shore, Andrew Baker

General Committee:                   C Shore, R Skipworth, E Shore, A Shore, G Jacobs, N Cox, J Harris,                   A Baker, P Jackson, D Hudson, S Taylor, J Ambler, A Lockwood

Junior Committee                       Paul Jackson, Gary Whitehouse, Gordon Jacobs, Amanda Rice, Carl Upton, Becky Robinson, Lorraine Ambler, Rob Bailey, Melissa Lockwood

Selection Committee:                 Chairman, Senior Captains, Vice Captains, Senior Cricket Manager and

Junior Chairman

As per last year’s proposal the captains were confirmed by the committee at the last committee meeting

October 2018 and will be as follows:

First Team Captain:        Andrew Baker

2nd Team Captain:          Jared Ambler

3rd Team Captain:           Richard Skipworth

Life Members:                None put forward

Annual Subscriptions

Every Adult (Over 18) playing member has to have a 100 Club Number. Membership fees due by 30th April. Overdue fees increase by £10 per calendar month.

Senior players: £60 to include £10 SYCL Raffle Tickets.

Student/Unemployed: £40 to include £10 SYCL Raffle Tickets.

Junior Annual Subs include option of a playing shirt and admission to presentation evening.

U9’s = 3 Instalments of £28 = £84

U11’s, U13’s, U15’s and U17’s = 3 Instalments of £36 = £108

Families with 3 or more siblings would receive free annual subscriptions for the 3rd sibling and more.

These have remained the same as last years with the under 17’s to be taken to the Junior committee for confirmation and will then be briefed out as they train less and play less games.

Women’s Cricket – To be recognised as a membership group.  General Committee would determine any level of annual subscriptions for 2019 season due to uncertainty of games structure. Agree at AGM for 2020 season.

Match Fees

First X1 £10

2nd X1 £10

3rd X1 £10

Junior/Student/Unemployed £5

Away Teas        £44 per team


Gordon Jacobs gave brief explanation as to where we currently are with discussion about the development of our current home Rockingham Cricket Field. We’re hoping to be able to provide more information to our members in the New Year.

Meeting Closed 8.09pm