Nets Booking System – Guidance for Club Officials

The England and Wales Cricket Board have recently issued guidance in regards to ECB guidelines for the use of outdoor cricket facilities in lockdown. The following information sets out Rockingham Colliery Cricket Club’s mandatory requirements as well as a booking system which we will use to book net facilities on the ground.

As per the ECB guidelines – all bookings are for a maximum of 50 minutes, to allow time for sanitation, and to leave a 10 minute window for the next booking to arrive so that members don’t cross-contaminate.

  • Net sessions cannot take place without a Club Official on-site.
  • Only booked in attendees and Club Officials should be on the ground at any given time. Anyone else should be told to leave immediately.
  • While the gates will be unlocked, the gate itself must be closed once attendees and Club Officials have accessed the ground, to stop anyone else walking on to the premises.
  • Club Officials must let Paul Jackson (Juniors) or Andrew Baker (Seniors) know if they, or anyone in their household displays symptoms in the lead up or day of any bookings that they are attending.
  • Ensure that nobody in attendance or anyone in their household displays symptoms or your household is currently in isolation before allowing anyone to start a session.
  • Club Officials as well as attendees will be required to undertake personal hygiene measures at home before and after use of the facility. No W.C. will be available at the ground as the building is completely inaccessible.
  • Sanitation facilities have been provided and are in a bin which will be left behind the garage, if any of the items that are used are low on stock then Club Officials must let Paul Jackson (Juniors) or Andrew Baker (Seniors) know, so that replacement items can be purchased.
  • We cannot guarantee stock levels on any given day, so attendees have been advised to bring their own hand sanitiser where possible. Club Officials should endeavor to do the same. If this isn’t possible wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after visiting the club. Please advise attendees to do the same.
  • Attendees have been advised to travel together as a household and avoid public transport wherever possible. Club officials are advised to do the same, and also report to Paul Jackson (Juniors) or Andrew Baker (Seniors) if an attendee has not followed this guidance.
  • Attendees have been told that they must ensure that they park at least 2 bays between any other vehicle. Club Officials must do the same. If we introduce a ‘Net B’ then we expect that attendees of ‘Net A’ will use the tarmac car park, and attendees of ‘Net B’ will use the grass area where the old pavilion used to be.
  • Attendees have been told not to arrive before the time of the booking. Club officials are most likely to be there in advance of a booking, so we expect you all to fully follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Attendees have been advised no to overstay their allocated time slot, and they should be clear of the area by the time the next users arrive. We expect Club Officials to ‘police’ this requirement. Please do not stay to socialise, and do not allow attendees to either..
  • Attendees have been told to bring their own playing/training equipment including balls, and that only stumps will be provided. Club Officials are expected to wipe down the stumps before and after their net session. This should provide a ‘catch-all’ in case the previous Club Official has forgotten to do so for any reason. 
  • No other equipment will be provided, and the bowling machine must not be used at present.
  • Attendees have been advised to bring their own filled drinking bottles with them. Club Officials are expected to ensure that they take them away with them to stop cross contamination. Club Officials should not handle anyone else’s drinks bottles, so if any are left then they should be left alone, unless you can safely handle them with gloves for example which should then be discarded.
  • Club Officials should ensure that no physical contact takes place whilst they, or attendees are on club premises.
  • If anyone is found to have been spitting then Club Officials are expected to let Paul Jackson (Juniors) or Andrew Baker (Seniors) know, so that measures can be taken to stop this.
  • Club Officials are expected to police that no saliva or sweat comes into contact with the ball at any time. Whilst we appreciate that attendees are using their own equipment, sweat or saliva on balls will be transferred to the playing surface when bowled (essentially, balls should not be ‘shined’).
  • As always, the health and safety of participants is paramount, so normal training attire should be worn at all times – Club Officials must ensure that attendees wear helmets, pads etc to ensure that risk of injury is minimised. As well as response times being delayed this is vital to avoid any additional stress on the NHS.
  • A basic first aid kit will be available in the equipment bin. If any items are used then this must be reported to Paul Jackson (Juniors) or Andrew Baker (Seniors) so that items can be replaced. Club Officials must also complete an ‘Incident/Accident Form’, copies available in the equipment bin.
  • In the case of non-attendance, this must be reported to Paul Jackson (Juniors) or Andrew Baker (Seniors), so that it can be dealt with.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for giving up your time and adhering to these requirements in these unprecedented times. We sincerely believe that our volunteers are the best, and this is why we function so well as a Club.

It gives us no pleasure to enforce such measures, but we are just glad to be able to get on to the ground and offer access to our beautiful game.

We will communicate further as soon as we are able to relax these measures further, but in the meantime, please help us to help you, and in the words of the wise…