Club Structure

First of all we hope everyone has enjoyed the 2019 season! As we say goodbye to summer 2019 we start to build towards 2020!

In order to ensure we are able to effectively run our ever growing club we have now finalised our new club structure. This new structure, agreed by the clubs committee, will hopefully allow us to take some pressure off our great volunteers whilst allowing us to continue to develop the club.

A lot of work is currently taking place to formalise the volunteer role descriptions to match the requirements of the club but, until these are established, please feel free to get in touch if you would be interested in helping the club in any role in 2019 or require any further information.

Some of the roles have kindly been filled by existing volunteers and all the general committee roles will be subject to AGM approval as normal. We will send further updates where specific roles need filling once the role descriptions are finalised.

In addition to the roles on the structure there are other match day/training/ground support roles that can help with the general day to day tasks.

Thank you for your continued support.