St. Aidan’s Challenge

In support of our enhanced relationship we have a sponsored challenge for all of our members in the UK as we plan to embark on a journey from Rockingham Colliery CC in Hoyland Common, to St. Aidan’s Primary School in Chitugwiza!

Our good friend Google kindly advises us that this is a 7779 miles in total (or 12519km to the metric amongst us).

We plan on commencing our venture on 1st November and reaching St Aidans by 30th November (or before!)


Throughout November we would like our members to record as many activities as they can. This could be as simple as a walk, a run, a cycle, a swim, a dance, Zumba – it’s up to you.

Please record the distance and pass this information on to Paul Jackson who will add it to our tracker. We would also welcome the activity in steps if people use a pedometer as opposed to a GPS app on a smartphone but please note – this has to be additional activity as opposed to daily step counts.

We feel that this is a great challenge throughout the Autumn/Winter months when we are not playing cricket to keep our member base moving and fit and healthy. We really need as many people on board as possible to get us to Zimbabwe, so everybody’s support would be most welcome!

Family and friends also welcome! The more the merrier – we may need their help to carry us over the line!

Sponsor forms will be made available shortly with any monies raised going to the Club. Once all of the money has been collected in, we will make a charitable donation to the St Aidans project.

If anyone would like to take part please let Paul Jackson know.

Weekly prizes will be up for grabs along the way as well as a prize for the overall largest distance travelled.